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Redemptive Hope Men's Session 2: Surrender

Session 2: Surrender

A group of men meets on Saturday to encourage each other in peace.


· Romans 1:18-19

· God told us the truth.

· Romans 2:1-4

· God’s goodness leads us to repentance.

· Romans 3:27-28

· God intends for us to come to Him in faith.

· Romans 5:1-5

· Faith in God leads to peace with God.

· Romans 6:1-4

· Having peace with God, we are to live a new life.

· Romans 7:21-25

· Even in our new life, our sin nature makes righteous living a huge battle.

· Romans 8:26-30

· God has a supernatural plan for our lives to mold us into the image of Christ.

· Romans 10:1-5

· God’s supernatural plan does not rely on our keeping laws or rules.

· Romans 12:1-2

· Conclusion: We receive the blessings of God’s plan for us when we surrender our lives.

· Romans 12:3

· The surrendered life precludes pride.

· Romans 12:6-8

· The surrendered life focuses outward.

· Romans 12:9-13

· The surrendered life focuses outward in love. He is Love, and He loves us.

· Romans 12:14-18

· The surrendered life focuses outward in humility and peace.

· Romans 12:19-21

· The surrendered life overcomes evil with good.


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