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Men of Hope

Men of Hope!

Not long ago we sat at dinner with a wonderful couple from our church. She is an author, and he is an officer. The man across the table from me told of arresting the same man for abusing four different women.

Law enforcement is essential in combating domestic abuse, but it can only go so far. The answer oppressors need is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On August 21, we announced that we would offer a complimentary four week Internet training session to cover the four transformations outlined in "There Is Hope." We did just that, and our 4 weeks turned into more than 3 months of men building each other towards the hope that is in Christ.

Our group was comprised of men seeking to rebuild their lives after coming to grips with their own sins of oppression. I believe wholeheartedly that the men who worked with us can be completely redeemed, and I know that some of our friends have made great progress.

Now we are moving forward, and we are VERY excited!

We are going to host an online study of Stuart Scott's excellent book, The Exemplary Husband. We will meet on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am, Central. Our first meeting will be on Saturday, December 21.

If you would like to attend, simply purchase the materials and then email us for an invitation. The necessary materials are: 1) a copy of The Exemplary Husband and 2) a copy of The Exemplary Husband Spiral Study Guide. You can purchase both here.

(Note: the materials may also be purchased elsewhere. We are not related to Focus Ministries, and we receive no benefit from materials ordered there. We just like what they do.)

Please do order the materials first, and then send an email to info@redemptivehope.com telling us that you would like to join the study.

If there is ever a demand for it, we may repeat the first four sessions.

God bless you, and thanks for reading.

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